FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- The Two Silicon Valleys: New Study Finds That 70% of Low-Income Students Are Off the College Path

The Two Silicon Valleys:

New Study Finds That 70% of Low-Income Students Are Off the College Path &nbsp

But a Growing List of Great Schools are Bucking the Trends

See Attached Report by Innovate Public Schools (or download it at www.innovateschools.org) for rankings of local school districts and schools

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From the Second Edition of the “Broken Promises” report:

Passing algebra in 8th grade has been the first step on the track that leads to geometry in 9th grade, advanced algebra in 10th grade, pre-calculus in 11th and calculus in 12th grade. Students who aspire to a university degree in the plentiful STEM fields available in Silicon Valley – science, technology, engineering and math – need to be on this track.

In 8th grade, most Asian and white students take algebra and pass the class, opening the possibility of 12th-grade calculus and a shot at a high-tech career. By the end of 8th grade, only 24% of Latino students in the two counties score as proficient or advanced in algebra on state exams, compared to 80% of Asians and 58% of whites. Just 14% of students who are English Language Learners are proficient, and only 29% of low-income students.

This graph demonstrates a tale of two Silicon Valleys: ___________________________________________________
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