Bay Area Woman is Contestant on ABC's 'The Bachelor'

Daniella McBride, (how's THAT for a perfect name for this show?!) is a Belmont native and worked as a hostess at Vivace for several years. She made it through round-one on the season opener Monday night.

Now you have another reason to watch reality TV show "The Bachelor"—Bay Area native Daniella McBride is a contestant originally from Belmont.

Will she get a rose and capture the heart of hunky Sean Lowe? Or will she be whisked away in the limo, crying in her champagne?

McBride's "The Bachelor" bio says the 24-year-old is now a commercial casting associate in Southern California, but lists her hometown as Belmont, CA. And in fact, Mike Gunn, owner of Vivace Ristorante in Belmont confirmed McBride worked for the restaurant as a hostess several years ago.

Did you watch the show Monday night? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.


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