Outdoor Seating Would Be Oh-So-Sweet At Bitter+Sweet

New coffee and dessert bar hopes to add sidewalk seating soon.

, the new java-kid on the block just may get outdoor seating soon, according to city officials.

“It depends on what regulations it falls under,” said City Manager Dave Knapp. “It may have to go before council, but it may end up being just an administrative thing.

Bitter+Sweet owner Janice Chua requested to have outdoor seating for her new coffee and dessert bar, which is located on Town Center Lane behind Amici’s off of De Anza Boulevard, but was told that the city’s rules tie the number of seats to the number of parking spaces around the building.

The shop is allowed a total of 22 seats under the current rules so Chua would have to reduce some of the indoor seating in order to stay within that 22-seat limit if she added chairs outside.

But the city’s planning department may find a work-around, Knapp said.

“(They) seemed kind of optimistic about it,” he said.

That would surely please Chua who opened July 23 and is trying to find ways to entice more customers to the new business.

“Afternoon traffic is pretty good, but we need to get more in the mornings,” Chua said.

One enticement she just added is the Five Stars rewards program. Sign up online at www.fivestarscard.com, get a free card, earn 10 points and get a free cup of coffee.

The upscale specialty shop has already won over Cupertino Patch blogger, Gary E. Jones, who wrote this on his blog on Friday in support of the outdoor seating: "Love it!!!  This is no Starbucks, this is a new and very interesting sole proprietorship or 'Ourbucks' at risk."

Jones then promptly put in some calls and got the city government wheels turning.

Another area Chua is hoping there might be another change is signage on De Anza Boulevard. Right now she’s only allowed the standard business sign, but she’d like to be able to put up an A-frame temporary sign in the mornings between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

She’ll settle for the outdoor seating first…for now.


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