Quinoa Seafood Curry Soup Done Green Beanie Style

Tasty, healthy, and gnarly recipe adapted by The Green Beanie.

By The Green Beanie

An adaption of the Burmese seafood dish Mohinga.

This one uses quinoa (kin wah) which is pretty gnarly stuff. You can get it from most stores if you're not too lazy to look for it. This, as always, is healthy, gnarly, and made like a boss.

However, it is only healthy if you use light coconut milk. If you only have normal coconut milk, use 1/3 of a can instead of one can. If you want to make this taste real boss, serve it with some lime and squeeze some lime juice on top.

It will serve about 5, but if you feel like eating the whole thing, it's probably a better idea than ordering a Big Mac or a corn dog or something like that :D Stick around and stay gnarly!


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