Cupertino Poetry Contest Winner's Poem; Adult Category

Stephanie Pressman is the first place winner in the Cupertino Poetry Contest for contestants ages 18 and up. This winning poem—written below—will be on display Feb. 1 to April 1 at the Cupertino Library.

By Stephanie Pressman                                             

Quantum Gravity, a Love Story

If only you could pull me through

the portal with just the gentlest

wink. If everything could balance

like a trunnion, a bitter

battle diluted at dawn,

elementary particles drawn

from the complex. The beauty

of vibrating strings, razoring

down to the simplest motives,

hefting an apple under a

tree. Dark forces burn

in cold places. The click clink

cling is a small disturbance,

and the cat is barely out

of the box, rescued by an actual

observer who has no patience

for theory. If only thought

didn’t thunder through

academic halls. If only

you would yield

your secrets.

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Cupertino Patch featured the winner of the Child category, Advait Patil, on Wednesday, and the Teen winner, Manasa Gogineni, on Thursday.



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