Cupertino’s New Bay Club is More Than Meets The Eye

While the Bay Club of Silicon Valley has weights, lockers, squash courts and yoga mats it is not a gym. It is, in fact, something completely different.

After the anticipation, the early viewing, the press screenings and single social mixers, the Bay Club of Silicon Valley finally opened its doors Aug. 1.

Members and guests got to preview the club during the  co-sponsored by Singles Supper Club, Society of Single Professionals and Western Athletic Clubs, but today everyone can see Cupertino's newest fitness club for themselves.

Built from part of the in Vallco Shopping Mall, the three level, 70,000 square foot Bay Club of Silicon Valley is the latest construction by Western Athletics. The location at the corner of Stevens Creek Boulevard and North Wolfe Road in Cupertino’s waning Vallco mall is no accident.

“This club is similar to another club in Marin where we took over an old JCPenny, which was also in a fading mall,” the VP of marketing Annie Appel said. “After opening, the mall began to see increased traffic.” Appel added that she hopes the club will help revitalize Vallco.

While it is part of Weston Athletics, don’t call it a gym. Free weights and treadmills are only one part.

On the first floor members can relax in the club’s member-only lounge while sipping lattes from the club-staffed Starbucks. Or do work on the free Wi-Fi in the complementary meetings rooms the club offers.

There is also the spa, which is open to the public by appointment, which deals with the usual mani-pedi and facials, and massages.

There is also a place for children in the club’s day care or “Landing Zone” complete with stroller accessible automatic doors, home-work study rooms and a child only motion room. Fitness isn’t just for mom and dad.

It puts a new meaning to all-in-one, and that’s the point. By blending a coffee shop, day care spa and offices with cycle-rooms, squash courts (with training by Sunny Hunt) and yoga classes the club hopes to cut down on the travel time of its members.

“The goal is to make the membership a value,” said Appel. “We are never going to be the cheapest club.”

And the club certainly does provide value. Catering to the hustle and bustle of the valley, a member can literally spend an entire day at the club.

Members can use the club’s full sized conference rooms and offices free of charge to hold meetings or respond to emails before a spin class. All the tables and booths in both the lounge and lobby are designed to be work stations, even the lockers have USB chargers to juice up the smart phone while pumping iron.

The pilates room was designed by a master instructor and the cycling room is stocked with ingenious Kaiser cycles which put the wheel under the rider’s seat rather than under the rider’s sweat.

Both of the locker rooms have saunas, steam rooms and a whirlpool room that could be confused for a paradise. Even the main exercise room has skylights to make up for windows and fans that resemble helicopter blades that keep the air flowing.

Monthly memberships start at $160 for the Cupertino location and can range close to $250 for premium memberships. Access to all Western Athletics resorts and clubs can be secured for a starting price of $250 going up to near $500.

More information can be found at http://www.bayclubsiliconvalley.com or by calling 408-402-7600.

For more single events, contact Single Supper Club owner Laura Lane at 408-355-3520 or by visiting her site, www.singlessupperclub.com.

For squash training, or just to learn more about what the Bay Club offers the world of squash, contact Sunny Hunt at shunt@bayclubsiliconvalley.com by calling 408-402-7612.


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