D'Amore's Ready for Soft Opening

The restaurant at the Point Dume Village will serve pizza with gluten free crust, organic vegetables, naturally raised meat all with a choice of vegan cheese.

D'Amore's Famous Pizza has plans to open its second location in Malibu this week.

The soft opening is set for Friday, Feb. 1 at the Point Dume Village and will only offer pizza and salads, according to owner Joe D'Amore, who plans to be on hand to talk to customers.

"All the veggies are organic and the meats are hormone and steroid free. They are natural, grass-fed, even the sausage and everything," D'Amore said. "Of course we have vegan cheese and gluten free crust and our regular dough is imported from Italy along with the water."

The menu will be expanded to sandwiches and pastas once more equipment arrives in the coming weeks. The official opening will be shortly after that, D'Amore said.

The restaurant is opening at the former location of Point Pizza Malibu, which closed on New Years Eve after the landlord, Zan Marquis, opted not to extend the lease and bring in D'Amore as part of an effort to offer a healthier menu.

D'Amore's Famous Pizza has another location in Malibu at 22601 Pacific Coast Highway.

Jill Nani February 07, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Point Pizza could have made all the "adjustments" (organic flour and so on) in the world and would never have attained the quality of D'Amore's pizza. Were it my strip mall, I'd want D'Amore's in that retail space. Should a landlord be forced to continue to lease to a "lesser" business because that business has been there for 25 years? At what point should a landlord be allowed to make tenant decisions that he/she feels will positively impact his/her overall business? Should the landlord have no say in this matter?
Bob Perkins DDS February 07, 2013 at 07:47 PM
Uh oh, bar the doors, get under your beds, I can hear the sound of shotguns being loaded.... Jill, you are one brave lady.
Hans Laetz February 08, 2013 at 12:25 AM
Jill made a statement of her reasonable opinion. Others disagree. She did not accuse others of being wrong on the facts, or of being emotional, and she did not lecture people. People who may disagree with her, like me, do not automatically "load shotguns." Can you see why some people have objected -- not to your opinions about Point Pizza -- but to your opinions about us?
hellwood February 08, 2013 at 01:26 AM
Jill, The landlord could have just flat out said to point pizza, "your pizza sucks...you need to split, and take all of your noisy loitering punk kids with you!", but he didn't. The weasel made up a lie that if she made all the "adjustments, she could stay. When these kind of things happen to people we care about, we can have a say in the matter as well.
Jody Kern February 12, 2013 at 06:30 AM
Called Point Pizza's old number today around 4:45 and they answered, "Point Pizza" and I said, "REALLY?" to which the gentleman replied, "Hello, D'amores, how can I help you?" I said well, which is it, Point Pizza, or D'amore's?" "This is D'Amore's." "So why did you answer Point Pizza?" "No, this is D'Amore's." "So you answer as Point Pizza, then change it to D'amores, and you are using Point Pizza's phone number?" "Yes, the number has stayed the same." "THAT'S GREAT." *CLICK* Pretty sweet when other people's decades of hard work just fall right into your lap, eh? Good for yooouuuuuu! BOYCOTT D'AMORES!!!


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