Fogarty Institute Showcases Medical Breakthroughs

Community members learn about Vida Systems, which develops a 3D teaching engine for anatomy and physiology, at Fogarty Institute.
Community members learn about Vida Systems, which develops a 3D teaching engine for anatomy and physiology, at Fogarty Institute.
Coronary artery disease patients no longer must go through invasive procedures to get their fractional flow reserve (FFR) measured. The computation of FFR can now be done in a non-invasive way invented by HeartFlow, a new company once incubated at Fogarty Institute of Innovation.

Founded within El Camino Hospital in 2007, Forgarty Institute provides intellectual, physical, and financial resources for medical technology start-ups in residence. So far three companies have "graduated" from the institute. Besides HeartFlow, PQ Bypass offers a non-surgical, long-lasting bypass in the femoral artery; Niveus has launched a device to preserve muscle mass and strength in intensive care unit patients.

Fogarty Institute held an open house exhibition Thursday night to showcase the accomplishments of the three companies that have graduated as well as the 12 start-ups currently in residence. Hundreds of local residents attended the event.

Tomi Ryba, president and CEO of El Camino Hospital, said Fogarty Institute helps the hospital stay on the cutting edge.

Fred St. Goar, a board member of Fogarty Institute, emphasized the broad influence of the institute.

"We have raised the bar in health care not only in our local community, but in the world," he said.

Thomas Fogarty, founder of Fogarty Institute, also spoke briefly at the event. Fogarty is well-known for his invention of the Fogarty catheter, which can be inserted into the artery with an inflatable balloon attached to its tip in order to unblock the artery with the balloon inflation.

Fogarty will turn 80 next February but still plays an active mentor's role at the institute he founded.

Current resident companies of Fogarty Institute include
First Pulse Medical, developer of a new platform to improve fetal monitoring and delivery; InPress Technologies, which is developing a new device to treat postpartum hemorrhage; Materna Medical, which is creating a device that prevents vaginal tearing and pelvic floor damage during childbirth; MedicaCue, which senses key physiologic data to help caregivers monitor newborns; nVision, creators of a device that improves the diagnosis of fallopian tube blockage, the leading cause of female infertility; Clear Ear, a company that wants to improve the quality of ear care and treat the major cause of deafness in 350 million patients worldwide; Vida Systems, providing detailed, easily accessed information through a web-based medical education platform; Medical Sewing Solutions, which has created a miniaturized sewing machine that can be used laparoscopically; Prescient Surgical, creators of CleanCision2, a surgical tool that prevents surgical wound infections; and InterVene, which is developing a cure for leg ulcers and other painful, debilitating complications due to poor vein function.

For more information about the institute, visit www.fogartyinstitute.org.


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