The Latest iPad is Launched

It's not called the iPad 3, and it will be on store shelves on March 16.

Introduced Wednesday as the latest iPad, not what was being called the iPad3, the new version of Apple’s wildly popular tablet seems mostly to be about resolution and speed, reports say.

With four times the resolution of the iPad 2 and improved color saturation the new iPad, which will be released for sale on March 16, also is available with 4G capability giving it 10 times the speed of its predecessor, according to Reuters.

It all comes with the usual hefty price tag. For $829 the latest iPad will come with 4G and 64 gigabytes of storage; a WiFi only model will set you back $499.

The iPad 2 which launched about this time last year is still available for purchase at the discounted price of $399 for the cheapest version, but you can purchase a refurbished device through Apple for as low as $349.

The Wednesday launch included an update on Apple TV and its high-def 1080p version of Netflix, and according to PCMag this means new Netflix customers will be able to use their billing information attached to their iTunes account to sign up now instead of having to slog your way through an online form on some antiquated laptop or PC.

It is after all, a "post-PC revolution," according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Editor's Note: A call for photos of the launch event was answered through Tackable, a new photo assignment and sharing platform. Click here to see the photos, including one of design guru Jonathon Ives arriving to the event.

Rachel Stern March 08, 2012 at 12:04 AM
It seems like a well-designed device, even though I won't be forking down $500+ for one anytime soon!
Charlie Brown March 08, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I just got the iPad 2 and now this one came out? At least it's not going to be "that" much cooler than the one I have.
Anne Ernst March 08, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Charlie, I hope you didn't overpay for that iPad 2.


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