The Mourning Begins At Apple

Flags at One Infinite Loop hang low.

The flags at Apple's headquarters at One Infinite Loop in Cupertino now fly at half-mast in reverence to the news that the company's visionary founder, Steve Jobs, has died.

Mourners have been stopping by the office campus ever since the news broke. Cupertino residents Michelle Hwang and Houwei Wang came as soon as they heard the news to see if it was true, they said.

Hwang said the news of Jobs' death touched her emotionally.

"When I saw the news it brought tears to my eyes," she said.

Sheila Sanchez October 06, 2011 at 12:50 AM
Anne, my prayers go out to you and those suffering in Cupertino on this very difficult day. My deepest condolences. Steve Jobs was a rare and valuable gift to humanity and the world was blessed to have him. Long live the spirit and memory of Steve Jobs.
Neil Fiertel October 06, 2011 at 02:40 PM
The Mac and the beautiful and intuitive interface inspired by Steve brought me into the world wherein what one dreams becomes fruition, where the machine disappears into the visual and where the artist can range far and wide with hardly any pause or problems. I was so turned off to PCs that I had abandoned computers entirely until one day I played with a Mac and it changed everything and I owe this entirely to the universe created by Mr. Steve Jobs.A life that does not change the world even a little is a waste. Steve Jobs did not waste his short life and in so doing he changed, really, the entire world, created revolution in art, music, communications and governance. He is the most significant figure since Einstein in a way that no one would have envisioned when he began his career in his parent's home. When people compare him to Ford and Edison, they miss the point of Steve Jobs. He was a progressive thnker in the social sphere infinitely more so than that of these reactionary figures. There is simply no comparison between Steve Jobs, social and communications and technology revolutionary and these two figures of history who if anything attempted to hold back invention and social progress. Rather, Steve Jobs was a great citizen of the world, a civilised man, a shy man but driven to perfection and his goal was utterly and wonderfully successful. We are all richer for his being here doing what he did.


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