Prepare for your Future with Financial Literacy (Sunnyvale)

Free financial education
Free financial education
Pre-selection for free financial concept classes

Our Sunnyvale office offers free financial classes towards state licensing programs.

Schedule your appointment for your introduction and interview. After acceptance there is a 1 time administration fee ($100usd) what gives you access to on-line resources and a bi-weekly classroom.

Classroom  curriculum:
  • Estate conservation
  • Social Security/LTC
  • College funding-scholarship,grands and financial aid
  • Insurance
  • Investment (taxable, tax deferred/advantage)
  • Taxes
  • Debt/Liability
  • Retirement investment strategies
  • Business solutions

Participants need to be 25 years or older and have an US employment history from at least 2 years.

Disclaimer: Getting invited for the introduction and interview is NOT a guarantee for being accepted into the program!

Please use this email: FreeEdu@boun.cr , so send the following information :
- Full name
- Resume
- Motivation (Must include: "classes towards" A/ personal growth, B/ professional licensing or C/ other.


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