Flatter Your Figure

Want to look your best this holiday season? Patch contributor Crystal Tai has tips for you.

When we women look in the mirror, we tend to see our imperfections first. We often forget some of our body parts are enviable. This is why I launched my blog "Flatter Your Figure", to remind all women, including myself, to appreciate what we've got and make it work. In other words, let's accentuate our best features and camouflage the unattractive ones.

Let me start with my own body image issue in order to address other women's similar concerns. What bothers me most is my short waist—there's hardly any distance between my ribs and hip bones! Proportionally, my waist should be at least an inch and a half longer. I remember some high school classmates who were two inches taller than me actually had the same hip-to-ankle length as mine when we were measured for the uniform skirt of our choir.

While I do like my proportionally long legs, I consider my short waist a disadvantage because it will never look slender. If this also describes you, let's see how to create the illusion of a nipped-in waist (as shown in the photo) since we can't achieve that waistline by working out—seriously, I do Pilates and have a totally flat ab, but my short waist just doesn't have enough length to curve inwardly no matter how toned my midsection gets. Even if your waist is not so short, you may still find my tips useful because every woman wants her waist to look smaller no matter how small it already is! 

The key to creating that nip in the waist is....

The rest of this blog post is at: http://2flatteryourfigure.blogspot.com/


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