Help Me Get 1,000 "Likes" on Facebook!

Cupertino Patch has a Facebook Page and a Twitter account where you can find news, comments and more. (I'm on Pinterest, too!)

I need everybody's help here so I'm humbling myself and begging...I need 1,000 "likes" on Facebook and I'm only at 326 right now.

Liking the Cupertino Patch Facebook page will help those who want to stay in touch with what's going on in Cupertino? Here are a few ways to make sure you, and everyone who wants to know about Cupertino, is connected.

Patch newsletter—sign up here http://cupertino.patch.com/newsletters and every day you'll receive a newsletter with the latest articles, Local Voices blogs, events and opinion pieces.

Facebook—find it and "like" it here http://www.facebook.com/CupertinoPatch. We sometimes post extra photos here via Instagram or iPhone that don't make it to the home page of Cupertino Patch, so check in often to see something different.

Twitter—follow Cupertino Patch on Twitter to get the latest updates. Note the funky spelling on our Twitter account https://twitter.com/CuprtinoCAPatch. Do you see what's missing from the name? No matter, it still brings you what you want to know about Cupertino.

Check 'em all out and tell all your friends about it, too!

P.S. Just for fun, I'm on Pinterest, too: http://pinterest.com/annewardernst/. You won't find Cupertino-specific stuff there, but you'll see what I find fun, interesting or things that make me go, "hmmm".


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