Get Out the Bike, Gas Prices are Skyrocketing

Gas in Cupertino is inching toward $5 per gallon. Some will turn to their bicycles as a way to cope. At what point do you stop buying gas?

As gas prices surge closer to that dreaded $5 per gallon mark bicycle shops in Cupertino may be the only ones not complaining.

“The last spike of increase of gas, yes we definitely saw an increase in sales,” says Vance Sprock owner of Cupertino Bike Shop.

But the sales spike due to high gas prices hasn’t gifted itself to Sprock or Evolution Bike Shop just yet, though Keola Munos of Evolution says the last three weeks he’s “seen a huge increase” but that’s related to typical summer and back-to-school business, he says.

Both shops agree that business in new bike sales pick up whenever gas prices increase, but they also get a lot of people bringing in bikes for repair.

“We get people bringing in bikes for repair that are 25 to 30 years old. They drag ‘em out of their garages. They’ll have rusty chains, flat tires,” Sprock says.

The trend Sprock has noticed has been that as prices get closer to that $5 mark business picks up.

Cars are “entrenched in our society,” Sprock says.

“It takes a lot to get U.S. consumers out of their cars and on a bicycle,” Sprock says.

Per gallon prices in Cupertino on Friday started at $4.69 at U.S. Gas at 22510 Stevens Creek Rd. and go up from there.

What is your breaking point? At what price per gallon will you take to mass transit, bicycling or walking?

Frank Geefay October 07, 2012 at 02:36 AM
I think it is time for Cupertino residents to consider other alternatives such as asking the city for a public transit alternative. We need more buses and fewer cars. In the long run buses are cheaper than owning a car. If we can do as Palo Alto and Los Altos we could even have a free bus shuttle system. This beats circling around crowded parking lots to find the only parking spot at the opposite corner of the lot from where you want to shop or even cycling to shop. You can even take a shuttle with your bike if they provide bike racks on the bus. See Friends of Cupertino Transit on the Patch: http://cupertino.patch.com/blog_posts/cts-cupertino-transit-system?ncid=following_comment Or Gary Jones' latest Patch blog article: http://cupertino.patch.com/blog_posts/update-friends-of-cupertino-transit for more details and ideas on this matter.


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