Is an Apple 'Samsung Scrambler' on the Way?

Reports of a watch-like wearable Apple device—a la Dick Tracy—come with a variety of uses; some more practical than others.

Reports of a wristwatch-like wearable Apple device are swirling and suggested uses for the so-called iWatch range from the serious—using it to make mobile payments—to the silly—that it could have a built-in Dyson hand drier.

One possible use suggested in a cartoon on JoyofTech.com seems like a real possibility given Apple's contentious relationship with Samsung. The cartoon suggests the device could be a "Samsung Scrambler: Woz built one years ago to scramble TVs; this one works on ALL Samsung devices!"

Either way the makers of the Gorilla Glass, the glass found on iPhones and iPads, thinned the glass, made it flexible enough to bend without breaking and call it Willow Glass, according to a New York Times report.

There’s no official confirmation from Apple yet, and no clue on what the wearable device would cost but at least one analyst thinks it’s only a matter of time.

"Over the long term, wearable computing is inevitable for Apple; devices are diversifying, and the human body is a rich canvas for the computer," said Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester Research analyst who specializes in mobile technology in an article on CNN.com.

What ways can you think of for an iWatch to be used?

Mike Darwin February 12, 2013 at 04:17 PM
I'm sure whatever it is, people will stand in line and the press will hand out glowing reviews. Oh, and it will be overpriced.


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