Recipe for Chicken Stuffed with Figs, Dates and Polenta

With figs and dates, this recipe has a festive ring to it.

We take you back a couple months to a September recipe by The Green Beanie. Here's what she had to say:

The Green Beanie stuffs a chicken breast with polenta and figs and other stuff.

Polenta is this weird thing that is packaged similar to sausage meat. It's made of corn and is kind of like dough. I had never had it before and tried to experiment with it. So here is another epic recipe made by TGB!

The sauce is virtually mixed berries from the freezer blended with a few tablespoons of water and heated up a little. Cranberry sauce would work too.

The chicken breasts in this video are 8 ounces, and a serving is 4 ounces, so that's why I say I'm making for 4 but there are only two pieces of chicken being stuffed. Then I cut them in half obviously.


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