Guess Where I Was When I Took This Photo?

How well do you know Cupertino? Can you tell me where I was standing when I took this photo?

Let's add a new twist to this game since the Cupertino detective community is so darn good at this game. Tell me where I was standing when I took this photo and then tell me the types of trees that are in front of the building.

OK, I don't really expect anyone to do that, but you're all just so darn good and quick with guessing these I need to find a way to make it harder!

For those new to Guess Where I Was Standing When I Took This Photo, I stand somewhere in or on the border of Cupertino and take a picture of a fairly non-descript building. Then I ask the readers to guess where I was standing when I took the picture.

So, go ahead sleuths, where was I?


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