Coffee Cheesecake Done Green Beanie Way

Green Beanie says "Put the egg in and whisk it like a boss"

Cupertino's own teenage cooking vlogger Green Beanie does a coffee cheesecake that's low-cal and gnarly.

From the Green Beanie herself:

"This time, I'm showing how to make a low fat, almost carb free coffee cheesecake!"

"Is this a dream? Give yourself more than an hour or so to do this. For best results, I think make it the day before then refrigerate it. This should make 12 slices of cake. Calorie count may vary depending on what you use. You can experiment around with the flavors in this, like you can try it with lemon or vanilla or whatever you like."

"Do not take the cake out with your bare hands like I did if you just turned the oven off."


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