A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful...and Inclusive?

Boy Scouts considering ending ban on gays.

As you’ve probably heard, the Boy Scouts are considering dropping their ban on gay members.

This is a big step, considering that just last July the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) reaffirmed its policy to exclude homosexual Scouts and Scout leaders—a position that has stirred ongoing protests, caused the organization to lose funding by some companies and foundations, and elicited applause from other groups for the BSA’s willingness to stand up for its beliefs.

A Moms Talk column in 2011 by a local writer discussing her husband's treatment by a local Boy Scout troop elicited strong opinions on several fronts. How do you feel about it?

BSA has had a rough few months, as former Scouts have sued the organization on sexual abuse charges in California, Texas and Oregon, and judges have ordered the BSA to release its internal files on sexual abuse claims within the organization. And recently, the BSA announced that membership in the Cub Scouts fell sharply last year. So what do you think caused the BSA’s change of heart?

The BSA will meet on Feb. 6 to decide whether or not to change its policy; if it does, the national organization will allow local troops to make their own determination about whether or not to allow gay members.

This article is courtesy Los Gatos Patch Moms Talk.

Frank Geefay February 07, 2013 at 07:42 PM
There is a long standing myth that gays will influence others to become gay and will exhibit deviant sexual behaviors. However this myth is quickly losing support as research has revealed that gays only influence others if they already have latent gay tenancies and that gays exhibit deviant sexual behavior no more than heterosexuals do. The Boy Scouts of America is going to have to consider on their own if their policy of exclusion of gay is worth the loss in funding and membership but their reasons for such exclusions are not valid. Gays are now totally inclusive in our military where the same myth had been prevalent and nothing dramatic has occurred. The ‘Don't ask don't tell’ policy started in 1993 has allowed gays to quietly serving in the military without exhibiting deviant behavior or turning other soldiers into gays the last 20 years. I’m convinced the same will be true of the Boy Scouts if they open up to gays. Over a century ago there was a myth that blacks were not human. We now have a very human President and many distinguished blacks who have held high military office, have served high government offices, and have distinguished themselves elsewhere. The gay myth is another myth just about to be busted.


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