Aging Well

Local seniors have an assortment of fitness classes to choose from at the Cupertino Senior Center.

Have you heard exercise is important for adults over 50, but are not sure where to begin? Well you are not alone. Many seniors feel discouraged by fitness barriers, such as being overweight, chronic health conditions or concerns regarding injury while exercising. Perhaps a disability is keeping you from getting active?

For seniors living an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Exercise helps seniors maintain good health, increase energy, improve memory and boost self-confidence. It can help manage the symptoms of illness and pain, maintain your independence, and even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. Exercise is great for your body, mind and soul.

If you are an adult over 50, you are in luck because right here in your own back yard you have an assortment of fitness classes to choose from at the . From hot and spicy Zumba to low-key chair-based exercise to gentle movements practiced in Tai Chi, there is practically a fitness class for every ability level.

I encourage all seniors to commit to a fitness routine with a group of like-minded individuals. Adhering to an exercise routine is much easier (and exciting) if you exercise with friends or family.

Below is a list of classes the Cupertino Senior Center currently offers:

Spring Chicken Fitness: Chair-based exercise class designed to improve strength, balance, and more. 

Low-Impact Aerobics: A workout to music with aerobics, floor exercises and light weights. 

Low-Impact Exercise: A combination of cardiovascular activities including stretching, agility, and strength training.

Strength Training/Conditioning: Condition, tone, and stretch your muscles.

Tai Chi/Qigon): Strengthens and conditions without impacting joints, boosts energy, endurance, concentration, and mental clarity.

Yoga for the 50-Plus: Yoga for all levels. The instructor will offer modified poses for beginners.

Hatha Yoga: Gentle exercise for all levels. Instructor will guide students through warm-ups, posture, breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Improves flexibility and strength.

Tai Chi for Older Adults: Gentle movements that improve balance and flexibility. 

Zumba Gold: Dance to Latin-Style tunes and have a blast while exercising. 

Hula Dance: Learn the Hawaiian art of storytelling through dance.

Line Dancing: Learn the basics of line dance routines. No partners needed. 

Ballroom Dance: Two hours of ballroom dance taught by experienced teachers. Join the class for fun and exercise. 

Yuan Chih Dance: Oriental dance exercise to music. Gentle exercise and lots of fun too!

Adapted Total Fitness: De Anza College offers off-campus classes for older adults with disabilities. Classes are held at the Cupertino Senior Center and senior center membership is required for this course. Call De Anza College to register 408-864-8885 or go online at www.deanza.edu.

Do you have a skill you would like to share with other active adults? If you are interested in teaching a fitness class, the Cupertino Senior Center accepts proposals from individuals who would like to share their passion for health living with the community.


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