Decades-Old Video of The Woz Emerges

The Mac, run-ins with Hare Krishnas, Denny's and Steve Jobs are topics touched on by the Apple co-founder in this 1984 two-hour video.

The segway should have been a dead give-away.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, has a history of pulling pranks, as well as creating computers. A 1984 video has surfaced of the Woz at a Cleveland Mac User Group talking about the Mac plus tidbits from his exploits with Steve Jobs and other frivolity.

His hair is much darker and waistline, well, much less ample. It's interesting to see Wozniak speaking about the company in an unbuttoned dress shirt, standing behind a podium, at odds with the Apple brand image of Jobs in a black turtleneck.

According to MacWorld, Wozniak alternates between talking about the company, the technology behind the Mac, hijinks and Jobs. Early on, the two's personalities and positions in the company were in juxtaposition of each other.

"He's the greatest showman in the world, speaker, presenter," he said of Jobs. "Me, I'm just kind of normal. I go to Denny's and stuff like that."

Check out the video here

Another video of Wozniak from the same year shows him at the Apple Historical Museum, eight years after the computing duo founded their "homebrew operation."

Woz takes viewers on a tour of the progression of the personal computer up until the Apple IIc. He reveals a small disagreement he and the other Steve had about the Apple IIc's design, perhaps foreshadowing events to come.

"I said the Apple II should have eight slots and he said a couple, and that's about the only argument we ever had," he said.

Wozniak culminates the tour by showing off the company's one-millionth Apple II, encased in gold.

"This is number one million of the Apple IIs, and that'll probably seem small in a couple years," he said.


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