Do You Use The Yellow Pages Anymore?

Some people think it’s time to make a change in the directory book’s distribution.

Advertising dollars drying up. Readership disappearing. Relevance waning due to the Internet and smart phones.

The Yellow Pages, which just a decade or so ago had rival publishers fighting with telephone company directories over copious ad revenue, have had a rough go of it of late, particularly in larger cities as fewer people bother to pick them up off the sidewalks or doorsteps.

But publishers of the voluminous tomes got a dose of good news recently when a 2011 San Francisco ordinance that created a program to restrict the distribution of Yellow Pages directories was shelved after a federal court decision that struck down a similar ordinance in Seattle, according to the Bay Citizen.

In an effort to stave off complaints and blight associated with the frequent pileup of never-used directories outside residences, San Francisco created a three-year pilot program under which residents and businesses would have to request a telephone directory in order to receive one. 

But a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a similar case in Seattle that the distribution of Yellow Pages is protected under the First Amendment. San Francisco's ordinance had faced a similar challenge, and the Board of Supervisors suspended their ordinance last month.

Publishers say that customers can simply opt-out of receiving the Yellow Pages by visiting the Local Search Association's website

The turn of events got us thinking: Do residents use the Yellow Pages these days? Is the arrival of the big yellow book on your doorstep a mere layover before its arrival in your blue recycling bin? Are the Yellow Pages a trusted resource or an obsolete pile of paper?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

sistersilverhair January 09, 2013 at 11:50 PM
"Let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages...find it fast!" That old jingle (which I can still hear in my head) was obsolete before the book was...it implied that people would walk around town to find what they were looking for, and that the YP made it easier. Of course people drove, but the YP book was an excellent resource, before the internet, and the YP (and other sources) online. A few people use it; I do, occasionally, just for old time's sake. But its days are numbered. Sad.


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