FEATURED BLOG: Locally Global

Cupertino's diversity spans the globe, and so does the work being done by the Cupertino Rotary.

Editor's note: Every now and then I find a blog to be either a great read or newsy or noteworthy in some way, such that I choose to feature it in a prominent position at the top of the page as our Featured Blog.

I'm choosing the blog post of Gary E. Jones as our Featured Blog today, partly because the Global Elegance event he speaks of in his blog is the centerpiece of how Cupertino Rotary leverages connections, globally and locally, to do amazing things in the world. I'm also choosing to feature Gary's blog because I was at that event, and my photos are better than his, and I'm going to show off a few here now.

When Cupertino Patch launched in late December I was remotely familiar with Cupertino Rotary, but over the months I have come to know a variety of people who are involved with this group and I continue to be impressed.

There will be more written about Global Elegance here on Patch, and more of MY photos (some which may even include Gary and his wife) to come. For now, please read Gary's blog about the evening, and a bit about just some of the things this group of dedicated individuals accomplish.

And thanks to President Bev Lenihan and Cupertino Rotary for sponsoring my husband and me so we could attend the event.


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