Foster Dog Bruno and the Earless Bunny

Patch Editor shares another Bruno-the-fabulous-foster-dog tale/tail.

is not destruct-o dog but one-eared bunny is now no-eared bunny and looks more like a white gopher than a bunny. Bruno doesn’t care.

Earless or not, when the bunny goes airborne Bruno still charges after it, front legs screeching to a halt to grab it in his mouth. His back end doesn’t stop, but lifts up, lists to one side then back down for launch, and he bolts back to the couch, which acts as home base.

One-eared bunny came with Bruno from Humane Society Silicon Valley, but Bruno wasn't responsible for the loss of that first ear. He's responsible for the second one though. No ear could stay on the way he spins that bunny around while holding only the ear. Then there's the killing of the plush bunny. Between the two actions that skimpy ear didn't stand a chance.

Wrestling has now been added to the playtime repertoire. He’s so much smaller than the Golden Retriever we had that I feel like a bully attempting some of the same moves we used on the big dog so with Bruno I mostly just sweep my hands up and around him and he reaches out to nab them as they pass.

I used to assume little dogs were all yappy, but Bruno has proved me wrong. He hardly says a woof. We’ve heard him bark twice since we got him; once at the passing mailman and then on Wednesday when he and the neighbor dog on the other side of the fence had a little conversation.

When the leash comes out he can hardly contain his excitement; he prances and turns circles making it a challenge to get the leash hooked to his collar.

Bruno-the-fabulous-foster-dog has been with us a whole week now and we still see signs of him becoming more comfortable with us. He’s very well-behaved and if he does do something we don’t like all he needs is a gentle “no Bruno” and he responds.

If you’re interested in meeting Bruno, call me at 408-281-8273, or email me at anne.ernst@patch.com. To find out more about adopting Bruno, contact Casaundra Cruz at Humane Society Silicon Valley 408-262-2133, ext. 183.

Edna Ward February 10, 2012 at 11:15 PM
I LOVE THAT DOG!!!!!! He is sooooooooooo cute about everything. Thanks for telling us about him.


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