Keep Pets Warm in the Cold Months

Just because our pets have fur doesn't mean they don't get cold.

It's the time of year when the mercury drops and people cope by bundling up in coats, scarves and gloves to stay warm. What about our canine friends? Are some dog breeds more affected by the cold weather than others?

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, some breeds, like Chihuahuas, come from warmer climates and don't have the thick fur needed to stay warm in cold weather. These dogs, and other shorthaired breeds, may need help to keep their core temperature in the healthy range.

Breeds originating from cold climates, such as huskies, malamutes and Samoyeds, thrive in chilly weather and don't require any type of clothing because of their thick, double hair or heavy coats.

Dogs lose most of their body heat from the pads of their feet, their ears and their respiratory tracts. The best way to safeguard your dog is to watch for signs of discomfort. If your dog shivers, whimpers, acts anxious, stops or slows down during a walk, you might want to try outfitting your pup with a coat or sweater. Make sure the garment covers your dog's belly and reaches from the collar to the base of the tail.

Sasha, our Australian shepard mix, has long hair and doesn't need a coat to keep warm. But we did buy her a raincoat last year. We removed the hood, because it blocked her ability to spot squirrels, and she quickly took to wearing her red coat on rainy days.

Speaking of staying warm, Charlie (pictured here) is a neutered Chihuahua mix that will melt your heart. The shelter staff members say he's spunky and happy. He's about 3 years old and looking for a nice warm lap to cuddle. 

To adopt Charlie, contact the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA) at 408-764-0344 or visit svaca.com and ask for information about animal ID No. A748421.

As the only cage-less shelter in the county, the SVACA conducts animal cruelty investigations, enforcement of animal laws and the care of injured, lost and abandoned companion animals.

The SVACA also holds adoption fairs every first and third Saturday of the month from noon to 3 p.m. at Pet Food Express in Campbell.

Chris A Jacobs April 27, 2012 at 05:18 AM
I used to have a cat named Tiger. She was a gray and white housecat. I liked to say to her as she reclined and was pawing the air,"I'm comming to get you. I'm coming to get you and I would rub my face on her white belly and she would go"MEEooww" I can't have pets wjere I live now. I like cats and dogs, in fact, I have no trouble liking. animals or their liking me. God tells them what to do. Instinct over intellect.


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