Ready to go to prom?

Imagine you are at a school event such as prom or graduation ceremony. You and your friends are snapping pictures and videos on your smart phones or cameras. At the end of the day, you chase your friends via Facebook, emails, messages and ask them to share their photos and videos among yourselves. You and your friends post some of the photos and videos on Facebook to share, use some other similar sites to share some photos, or exchange them via emails. Not everybody wants to post all their photos and videos on such sites, generally for privacy reasons. After waiting for hours and days, you still don't get to see all your photos and videos that your other friends might have taken. We were frustrated with this experience as well, not once, but multiple times. That's why we took the charge to solve this problem for everyone and created a brand new app, SnapsBoard, that makes it super easy to organize and share school photos and videos with complete trust.

A quick brief about SnapsBoard app:

1) SnapsBoard automatically organizes your photos and videos by school, year, class, event, club, and group. SnapsBoard makes it super easy and quick to find any of your photos or videos.

2) You can snap photos and record videos within the app and share them directly from your phone. App stores original resolution photos and videos. You download and watch original resolution photos or videos.

3) Super simple and flexible privacy policies that enable sharing of photos and videos with just one friend or many, any desired groups, or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

4) Create, organize, and manage events, clubs, and groups.
5) Flexibility to either sign in with your facebook account or you can create your own SnapsBoard account.

6) We have also created a demo account for users to try out the app before they decide to sign up. You can use the following demo account to check it out.

Username: johndoe (email: sbdemoa@gmail.com)
Password: Svalley#8 (uppercase S)

Where you can get the app from?

1) SnapsBoard app is available in Apple app store to be downloaded on iPhone/iPad at


2) Download SnapsBoard on your Android phone/tablet from Google Play store:


3) Want to access on your laptop or PC - www.SnapsBoard.com

Should you have any questions or need any further information, SnapsBoard team is on standby to help.

Gary Jones


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