Patch Editor's Squiggly Foster Dog Searches for a Forever Home

Bruno is still on the prowl for the perfect lap.

About two weeks ago Bruno-the-fabulous-foster-dog came to stay with us, and though we thought we'd have him a very short time because he's so darn cute, we still have him as part of our family. We're not complaining because he really is a sweet and fun dog, but we really do need to find him a forever home so he can get settled in there.

I must admit we've not done as much as we thought we could to get him out there to meet people and because we've had previously planned events we have yet to take him to an adoption fair. But we've brought him with us to more than a few public events where he just has to prance by people to get noticed and become a star.

We took him with us to Regale Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains for a Valentine's Day wine tasting and he was quite the gentleman in his "Adopt Me" vest. He doesn't just draw the attention of women; men, too, will comment on how handsome he is and how good he behaves. We'd take credit for all of that if we could, but he came that way.

We came close to finding Bruno a forever family--a Cupertino family at that--but because Bruno has sensitivities to noises and certain situations, the fit just wasn't perfect and the Cupertino family found a more suitable pooch for their family.

Bruno is a lap dog and would do very well with someone who wants a dog who will snuggle and cuddle with them. He has a little fear of men that only surfaces occasionally, but when it does he will run and hide. But it's a fairly rare occasion and otherwise he's quite friendly.

I call him squiggly-wiggly when I come home because his greetings are so happy his wagging tail drives his back end with such squirm that his front end can barely keep up.

He's very well-behaved for the most part but when my husband, aka Mr. Patch, aka T-Daddy (short for Temp Daddy) reprimanded Bruno for getting into the cat litter box, Bruno's guilt overwhelmed him and he wound up under the bed. T-Daddy was his usual gentle, even-keeled self when delivering his "no" to Bruno, but you would have never thought that by Bruno's reaction.

He's more playful now with us than when we first got him and I've never seen a dog do more 360-degree twirls than Bruno when the leash comes out for a walk. And on our sunny days he's content in a patch of sunshine outside where he can feel the breeze on his whiskers.

If you’re interested in meeting Bruno, call me at 408-281-8273, or email me at anne.ernst@patch.com. To find out more about adopting Bruno (Animal ID: 81566,) contact Casaundra Cruz at Humane Society Silicon Valley at 408-262-2133, ext. 183.

Gregory Anderson February 20, 2012 at 05:15 AM
What a beautifully written article! I'm sure this pup will find a permanent home soon.


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