Senior Ditch Day!

When senioritis speaks to your teenager, do you oblige?

Senior Ditch Day!

Did you hear today's (May 11) news story about the parents in Santa Ana that are facing a possible year jail term for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" by allowing their kids to skip school?

The not-so-secret  "Senior Ditch Day" is approaching at our local high schools.  The day when it looks like there has been a field trip to Santa Cruz scheduled, but someone forgot to invite the teachers.

An expression of "Senioritis"--the tendency to play pranks or do things that they would never consider doing. Feeling like its alright because your mid-year reports are sent in and you've already met the requirements to graduate, and have been accepted to a college, (if more school is in your future.)  A stress relief.

As a parent, how do you feel about Senior Ditch Day?  Will you forbid your child to participate?  Will you, or would you call in your child's absence so that it will be an excused absence?

Being the end of the school year, even my Junior son seems to have Senioritis. This morning, my son said, "Gotta go to school early today, I am serving detention."

I braced myself, "WHAT did YOU do!?"

"Someone left a roll of red butcher paper in the hallway.  I could not resist.  I pushed it and it unrolled down the entire hallway--it looked like I was rolling out a red carpet!  Yes, I had to roll it back up--but it was SO worth detention, Mom!"

What could I do but roll my eyes, try not to laugh, and drive him to school to serve his detention.

Alysa Sakkas May 12, 2011 at 01:15 AM
Based on the unposted comments I've been receiving, I think this article is raising more feelings of nostalgia than morals! If you participated in you Senior Ditch Day, do you remember what you did? Would you tell your kids if they asked? Did YOUR parents oblige YOU?
ElaineY May 12, 2011 at 04:59 PM
The kids work SO HARD all four years - I totally support the kids for Senior Ditch Day. It's something they look forward to - after the stress of applying for and getting responses to their college apps, the reality hitting them that they'll no longer be with their circle of friends in the close high school community, and knowing that soon they'll have to "walk the talk" of being independent after high school. In the whole scheme of things - I think it's totally appropriate for them to take a day off from school - it's special to them because all of the other students are in school while they're out having FUN! It's a rite of passage for them! Parents should support that!
Anne Ernst (Editor) May 13, 2011 at 09:42 PM
It is just ONE day after all, right ElaineY?
thorisa yap May 14, 2011 at 02:50 PM
My son and I were too busy with AP exams, homework, college orientation and summer college registration so we both missed the Ditch Day completely. He was talking about his friends who were not showing up for a week at their private schools. These teens planed their schedules the year before so they could get away. By the way, one private school just has 3 days left while my son who is in Public school has to wait until June 9 th to celebrate...


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