Vintage Velvet Reinvented by Cupertino Tailor

While authentic velvet is a difficult fabric many tailors refuse to work with, a Cupertino tailor transformed a vintage velvet blazer into a chic jacket.

If you have seen authentic vintage velvet, you must know how much finer and richer it is in texture than the mass-produced, synthetic velvet we see in stores today. Since velvet is back on trend this season, if you happen to have inherited a vintage velvet piece from someone, you may want to get it altered to fit you.

However, it is not easy to find a tailor who is willing to work with authentic velvet. When I tried to have a velvet jacket from my maternal grandmother taken in, one tailor after another turned me down until I finally found the right person, right here in Cupertino...

Here's the entire story: http://www.2flatteryourfigure.blogspot.com/


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