San Mateo Police Warn of 'Door-Knock' Burglars

A series of burglaries have occurred in the city recently.

A series of residential burglaries have occurred in the Fiesta Gardens and Shoreview neighborhoods of San Mateo in recent weeks, and police are warning residents to be on the alert.

The burglaries, which are part of a Peninsula-wide increase in property crimes, are generally following the "door-knock" profile, in which thieves first knock on a door on a pretext to check if residents are home, police said.

Most of the burglaries are occurring during weekdays and daytime hours, and target unoccupied homes.

Suspect vehicles seen in connection with the crimes include a charcoal-colored, four-door Acura and a dark-colored minivan, police said.

Residents are encouraged to answer the door verbally, without opening it, to let potential thieves know that they are home. If suspects refuse to leave when asked to do so, call police immediately.

In addition, all doors and windows should be locked, even for short trips away from the home.

Police have made several arrests in connection to other burglaries in recent weeks, and continue to investigate leads on unsolved cases. They are also conducting saturation patrols and undercover operations.

Anyone with information should call San Mateo police at 650-522-7650 or 650-522-7676 to leave an anonymous tip.

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Annette S February 12, 2013 at 06:30 PM
I have had numerous door knockers over the past few weeks and I do not open the door, even if they are waving a flyer or business card. Cable companies, magazine sales, and construction/hauler canvasing is not an effective means anymore of marketing or sales. I do not open the door and I don't entertain any sales pitches. Sad that it has come to even not opening the door if someone I don't know as my neighbor might need a hand. Sorry, can't trust anyone these days. I have two large dogs and I encourage them to escort me to the doorway. I live west side what might be considered a quiet neighborhood, but we all look out for strange cars parked on the block for long periods of time, and call police if we think anything or anyone looks supicious. ...just sign of the times. ...I even gave a hard time to some PGE workers that needed to do service work on my property, ...paranoid? yep...but safety first these days! what a shame.


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