UPDATE: Two Homes Damaged by Two-Car Crash

An alleged street race led to two cars jumping a sidewalk on Prospect Road, clipping the side of a garage and with one car landing in a living room.

Two homes on Prospect Road in Saratoga were damaged into a garage of one house and left a gaping hole in a living room of the house next door,

Police believe the drivers—two 19-year-old males—were street racing on Prospect when they lost control, one car clipping a boulder in front of the house at 20902 Prospect Rd.—at the corner of Stelling Road—sending the boulder and other debris into the garage.

Cupertino Patch will update this story as new information becomes available.

A Toyota Corolla smashed the wall of the house at 20900 Prospect Rd. leaving a hole about 7-feet wide in the side of the house. The other car is described as a BMW, but it is unclear which car hit the boulder and garage.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office received a call at 4:30 a.m. reporting a loud noise in the area of Prospect and Stelling roads, Sgt. Jose Cardoza said.

“I heard the crash. I thought a car hit another car. I was wondering how many dead there are,” said Penny Hall, who lives on the Cupertino side of Prospect Road.

The noise of the crash woke her up.

Another Cupertino neighbor, Judy Klinger, lives a couple of streets from the accident and did not hear the crash but heard the helicopter that was hovering in the neighborhood later.

The drivers were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries and are believed to have been under the influence of alcohol, Cardoza said.

—Bay City News contributed to this report


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