Cupertino Reported No Hate Crimes in 2010, Says FBI

Annual FBI hate crime report shows little movement overall.

Hate crime reporting in the country held steady in 2010, according to a recently released hate crime report by the FBI.

Released Nov. 14, there were 6,628 hate crimes reported in 2010, up slightly from 6,604 reported hate crimes in 2009.

In California, there were 1,092 hate crimes reported in 2010, and 1,015 reported in 2009.

In comparison to other California regions, Silicon Valley had fewer hate crimes reported in 2010.

Cupertino had no hate crimes reported in 2010, down from one religion-based hate crime in 2009. Neighboring cities such as Los Altos, Saratoga, and Santa Clara, as well as cities in South County such as Morgan Hill and Gilroy also missed the 2010 list.

Sunnyvale reported three hate crimes in 2010; Palo Alto reported two; Campbell had one incident reported and Los Gatos six.

Here's a breakdown of the numbers of hate crimes, the type and in what quarter they took place:


No hate-related crimes were reported in 2010, down from 2009 when two hate-related crimes were reported:

  • Two religion-related hate crimes in the first and third quarters of 2009.


Three hate crimes were reported in 2010, up from two in 2009:

  • One in the first quarter and two in the fourth quarter;
  • One hate crime in each category of race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.


One religion-related hate crime was reported in the fourth quarter of 2010.

This is a drop from 2009, when Campbell had four incidents:

  • One race-related hate crime reported;
  • Two religion-related hate crimes reported;
  • One sexual orientation-related hate crime reported.

Each of these crimes were reported in the first, second, third and fourth quarters of 2009.


No hate-related crimes were reported in 2010, down from 2009 when one hate-related crime was reported:

  • One race-related hate crime was reported in the second quarter of 2009.

Los Gatos

  • Four race-related hate crimes reported;
  • Two sexual orientation-related hate crimes reported.

All were reported in the first quarter of 2010 and reports were up from 2009 when there was only one hate crime reported:

  • One ethnicity-related hate crime was reported in the third quarter of 2009.

San Jose

There were 24 hate crimes reported in San Jose in 2010, down from 40 reported in 2009.

  • Seven race-related hate crimes reported;
  • Eight religion-related hate crimes reported;
  • Six sexual orientation-related hate crimes reported;
  • Three ethnicity-related hate crimes reported.

In 2010 four crimes were reported in each of the first and second quarters, nine in the third quarter and seven in the fourth quarter.

  • 23 race-related hate crimes reported in 2009;
  • Seven religion-related hate crimes reported in 2009;
  • Nine sexual orientation-related hate crimes reported in 2009;
  • One ethnicity-related hate crimes reported in 2009.

Information for this article was taken from the FBI's Hate Crime Statistics' website.


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