See the Final Tallies for City Council Election

First-time candidate Rod Sinks had a strong showing in the Nov. 8 election.

The total votes for the two Cupertino City Council winners drew closer once all the mail-in ballots were counted pulling newcomer Rod Sinks within 143 votes of incumbent Gilbert Wong, the city's current mayor.

Not 2005 has a race been so close between top vote-getters when Patrick Kwok edged out Dolly Sandoval by 108 votes for overall winner in the election with three open seats. Orrin Mahoney grabbed that third seat more than 2,300 votes behind second-place Sandoval.

When Mahoney ran for reelection in 2009 he took top honors in another three-seat race that gave him 610 more votes than second-place Barry Chang, who slid ahead of Mark Santoro by 70 votes.

Cupertino City Council

26 of 26 Precincts Reporting
TallyPercent Gilbert Wong-i-x   
4,022 21.86 Rod Sinks-x
3,879 21.09 Homer Tong
18.03 Marty Miller
3,221 17.51 Donna Austin 2,895 15.74 Chris Zhang 1,062 5.77 i=incumbent / x=winner
kd November 18, 2011 at 12:04 AM
"When Mahoney ran for reelection in 2009 he took top honors in another three-seat race that gave him 610 more votes than second-place Barry Chang, who slid ahead of Mark Santoro by 70 votes" Barry Chang beat Santoro in the election, yet the Council broke with tradition and made Santoro Vice Mayor. The council needs to start paying attention to the voters and do the right thing. It's time for Barry Chang to be Mayor since he beat Santoro, not the other way around.
Neighbor NextDoor November 18, 2011 at 12:30 AM
We would know who to vote "against" next time if the members of the city council still refuse to adhere to the will of the voter , i.e. electing Barry Chang to the office of the Mayor, next month. If any of them have a conscience or political inspiration for another elected position in the county or state, he/she should think twice before casts another disgraceful vote again. The nomination and election of Santoro was clearly arranged behind closed doors and in violation of the state Ralph A. Brown Act. The evidence shows that Kris Wang, Orrin Mahoney, Mark Santoro and SCC Supervisor Liz Kniss were colluding in the despicable act. Note that Kniss showed up to swear in Santoro as the Vice Mayor with advanced knowledge that Mahoney has alreday had an off-the-record discussion with Kris Wang and city staff about how to break away from the city tradition. (See Cupertino webcast archive at http://cupertino.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=14&clip_id=1049).
Neighbor NextDoor November 18, 2011 at 12:36 AM
Gilbert Wong seems not getting the message that Cupertino residents are very much concerned of his questionable solicitation of oversize donations from special interest groups in conflict with his loyalty to his constituency. His strong reaction to the "Campaign fundraising reform" proposed by councilman Barry Chang is not very helpful in earning trust from the city residents. It is equally disturbing that the rest of the council showed no interest whatsoever to support a much needed political ethics reform!! For this reason, all of us must keep a close eye on all of them and their votes on any item in front of the council that might be susceptible to undue influence by special interest and harmful to the future of our city.
Anne Ernst November 18, 2011 at 02:07 AM
Neighbor NextDoor, I have to tell you that Orrin Mahoney strongly denied any violation of the Brown Act in discussing Santoro's nomination. He says he and Kris Wang had a discussion but Mark Santoro was not present and was not aware of their decision, meaning there was no violation. I've been told that Liz Kniss and Mark Santoro are friends and it's not uncommon for her to show up in his support.
Neighbor NextDoor November 18, 2011 at 05:25 AM
- Are you saying that Orrin Mahoney denies violating the Brown Act, but admits conspiring with Kris Wang against the will of the voters to deny Barry Chang his rightful appointment to the office of the City Mayor? That's not much less guilty of back-stabbing of a duly elected colleague!!


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