Rich Waterman is Campbell's New Vice Mayor (Video)

The Campbell CPA will serve as the Mayor's number two in 2013.


It's a new year and the leadership at the city has changed faces. Campbell's Evan Low was appointed Mayor last month and Rich Waterman because the city's Vice Mayor.

For the next three weeks, Campbell Patch will run videos with the newly appointed and their goals for the year.

Campbell City Councilman Rich Waterman was elected by the council to be the city's next vice mayor.

Waterman's goals for 2013 include:

  • Work more with the city and our residents to better manage change in the city. Change could sometimes go too far and sometimes not enough.
  • Economic development
  • Technology development

Council members serve a four-year term, with a two-consecutive-term limit. Both Mike Kotowski’s and Jason Baker’s terms will be up November 2016. Mayor Evan Low's, Councilmen Waterman's and Jeff Cristina's terms all expire November 2014.


Check out this other piece on Campbell's City Council leadership:

  • Evan Low is Sworn in as Campbell's 55th Mayor

Read about recently appointed Councilman Mike Kotowski next week.

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Bethany Curran January 14, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Would love to see a more interactive city website with things like info about (and video of) council meetings and info about city events and festivals. They have a great website, but they need to keep it updated. Things like the city-wide garage sale weren't announced until 2 weeks before. Would love it if they kept things up to date and gave more notice on upcoming events. I love living in Campbell and love how family friendly it is here. One thing I really like about Campbell is how many great events we have. But, with little ones and busy lives we need more time to plan and prepare our schedules. It would be great if the event calendar was kept up-to-date and if they would make an announcement when a new event is posted.


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