UPDATE: New Totals for Election Results for City Council

The winners are still Gilbert Wong and Rod Sinks, but the total vote counts and order have changed.

As the Santa Clara County Registrar office continues to count ballots the number of votes each candidate has increased though the overall winners so far, Gilbert Wong and Rod Sinks, remains the same as Tuesday.

Sinks closed the gap some on Wong, and Homer Tong overtook Marty Miller for third place.

Donna Austin's position didn't change but her overall percentage of votes dipped while Chris Zhang gained.

Cupertino Patch will continue to bring updates on the tallies.

Cupertino City Council

26 of 26 Precincts Reporting
TallyPercent Gilbert Wong-i-x   
3,957 21.94 Rod Sinks-x
3,785 20.98 Homer Tong
17.99 Marty Miller
3,172 17.58 Donna Austin 2,836 15.72 Chris Zhang 1,044 5.79 i=incumbent / x=winner
Neighbor NextDoor November 10, 2011 at 09:43 AM
Given the huge amount of money Gilbert and Marty have spent on their misinformation campaign and the pile-on endorsements by the local political machine, their performance in this election is rather poor at best. Their puppet masters and developer friends must take notice how voters have reacted to their dwindling influence. Their days to continue fooling the mass is numbered.
Frank Geefay November 10, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Gilbert Wong should have had a clear lead over the pack. In fact Gilbert lead Rod Sinks by less than 1%, nothing short of astounding. I only received 2 flyers from Rod whereas I think I received at least 7 flyers from Gilbert and a joint one with Marty Miller, and one from the "Asian Pacific Islander Empowerment PAC". Gilbert received more than $70,000 in donations, many large donations from developers. Rod received about one third that amount. Gilbert was an incumbent mayor whereas Rod a relative unknown. There must be a message here from the voters. What did Rod do so right? Maybe I should be asking what did Gilbert do so wrong? Perhaps the story stems from events much earlier in Gilbert Wong's mayorship. The first act of the new mayor was to reduce the public speaking time for residents at Council meetings and if there were too many speakers to place them at the end of the meeting often going past midnight. It was clear that resident's concerns were of little important to the mayor. There has been much dissatisfaction among involved residents for many other reasons. Another surprise was Homer Tong's lead over Marty Miller. Marty received more than twice the donations, including one from Gilbert, as Homer and sent out 6 large flyers including one joint flyer with Gilbert. Homer on the other hand sent out 4 modest flyers. Yet he came in 3rd, ahead of Marty. Marty was running together with Gilbert and this is his 3 campaign for City Council.
Daniel Nguyen November 10, 2011 at 10:38 PM
It's okay guys, the election's over. Let's put the swords away and figure out how to improve Cupertino, not cut it up.
Neighbor NextDoor November 11, 2011 at 12:01 AM
On the contrary -- this is merely the beginning of the much needed political reforms in the city. Now we know to get rid off or lessen the undue influence from the establishment and special interest groups. The positive experience in this election shall help us to start changing our local government -- replace the inept and puppet officials with those who are committed to shape and improve our city environment and quality of life.
Frank Geefay November 12, 2011 at 08:02 AM
These comments were meant as an analysis of the election result. They have nothing to do with Cupertino, instead they are about residents whom we have just elected or re-elected to City Council and why they did or did not perform to expectations. To improve Cupertino our elected officials need to follow through and be held accountable for their campaign statements and promises. The problem is that once elections are over it is too often business as usual. We must be critical of our elected officials and actively involved with the city. The election battle has just concluded, Now the war for a better community must continue to be waged. No time to put away our swords.


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