API Scores: School By School for Cupertino

Looking for scores? Cupertino Patch compiled a list of the school districts and schools that Cupertino students may attend. Look for our analysis story later today.

The growth scores for the Academic Performance Index (API), some of the most widely anticipated scores by parents and realtors alike were released Thursday morning.

Here's a table of the Academic Performance Index growth scores for all schools and school districts where Cupertino students may attend. In June, Patch ran the API base scores of local schools, on which the percent of change below, are reflected.

You can search for any school or district at the California Department of Education’s website.

School or District

API Growth Score

% of Change

Cupertino Union School District



Blue Hills Elementary 966 -9 Collins Elementary 985 +2 Cupertino Middle 935 0 De Vargas Elementary 890 +7 Dilworth Elementary 988 -3 Eaton Elementary 967 +8 Eisenhower Elementary 933 +2 Faria Elementary 998 0 Garden Gate Elementary 986 -2 Hyde Middle School 896 +39 Kennedy Middle School 984 +1 Lawson Middle School 982 -1

Lincoln Elementary



McCauliffe Elementary * *

Meyerholz Elementary



Miller Middle School 987 +6 Montclaire Elementary 963 +3 Muir Elementary 938 -6 Murdock-Portal Elementary 997 -1 Nimitz Elementary 866 0 Regnart Elementary 975 -1 Sedgwick Elementary 947 +10 Stevens Creek Elementary 973 +13 Stocklmeir Elementary 969 +3

Fremont Union High School District



Cupertino High



Homestead High



Lynbrook High



Monta Vista High



*According to the Department of Education: The school's proportion of students excused at parent request compared to its 2012 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program enrollment on the first day of testing is equal to or greater than 10 percent.

When a school's proportion of parental waivers is equal to or greater than 10 but less than 20 percent, the California Department of Education conducts standard statistical tests to check whether the students tested at the school were representative of the entire school's population.

This school failed the statistical test or its proportion of parental waivers in 2011 is 20 percent or greater, therefore, the school does not have a valid Academic Performance Index (API) for 2012.

sistersilverhair March 16, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Hyde Middle School + 39 ?? WOW!! Go, Lions!!! I don't teach at Hyde; I'm a coach, but I know these kids and these teachers and Hyde is a wonderful school. If I had school-age kids, I'd move to the neighborhood so I could send them there.


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