In Case You Missed it: Angela Zhang Interviewed by CNN

Monta Vista High School senior Angela Zhang drew international attention for her cancer research. Here are some photos taken by a fellow student who captured Zhang with CNN's Dan Simon.

Angela Zhang became an international sensation when news broke in December about her work on a nanosystem cancer stem cell treatment that won her a $100,000 scholarship in a prestigious science and math competition. She’s also a humble senior graduating from Monta Vista High School this year and takes in stride the media attention paid to her.

When Dan Simon and CNN showed up at the school on Dec. 6, Zhang’s fellow senior Elvin Wong was there to snap some photos for the school’s magazine El Estoque.

Attached to this article are some of Wong’s photos which first appeared on El Estoque.

Since winning the individual award in the Siemens Competition in Math Science and Technology, she  on Jan. 26, and was  in February. 

Read more about Zhang's accomplishments in our .  


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