Monta Vista High's National Merit Scholarship Finalist List

Here are the names of the students at Monta Vista High School who made the finalist list.

Monta Vista High School has 50 finalists in the 58th annual National Merit Scholarship Corporation competition.

The full list of students who attend Cupertino schools or live in the city can be found here.

About 16,000 students were semifinalists, and the program expected about 15,000 of them to advance to the finalist level, which was announced in February.

More than half of the finalists will go on to compete for a Merit Scholar® title and receive a portion of the National Merit Scholarship worth more than $32 million.

More than 22,000 high schools nationwide and about 1.5 million juniors entered the 2013 competition, which awards the honors based on “exceptional academic ability”, and “potential for success in rigorous college studies” the organization said in a statement.

If you have a child who attends a private school and lives in Cupertino and is not on this list, please send the pertinent information to Anne Ernst at anne.ernst@patch.com.


Chen, Lena W.

Cheng, Alan Y.

Ding, Ashley X.

Ding, Evelyn J.

Gandhi, Apurv

Ganpule, Aditi V.

Garg, Namrata

Gila, Barak

Guo, Kevin

Gurumoorthi, Manasa

He, John

Hu, Andrew A.

Hua, Andrew L.

Huang, Catalina H.

Huang, Spencer Y.

Jiang, Bowen

Jiang, Richard H.

Kavuri, Sasikanth R.

Koe, Jessica S.

Lee, Shin Hoo

Leung, Frieda I.

Lin, Christie

Lin, Eric T.

Lin, Vicky

Ma, Christopher Y.

Mao, Cynthia

Marathe, Vikrant A.

Mullapudi, Sowmya S.

Nizam, Syed S.

Patil, Anushka B.

Patil, Mihir

Raghuram, Vivek S.

Reddy, Maya P.

Singh, Alok

Song, Christopher I.

Srinivas, Shanmukha

Tsai, Michelle Y.

Venkatakrishnan, Yashvant

Wang, Angela

Wang, Calley S.

Wang, Stephanie T.

Wang, Vincent

Wong, Kathryn S.

Xu, Larry

Ye, Karen E.

Yuan, Ted A.

Zhang, Grace Z.

Zhang, Victor S.

Zhang, William

Zhu, Yanbing


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