Copper’s Dream BBQ to Support Dog Rescue

Copper’s Dream is partnering with Whole Foods to fundraise for the emergency veterinary fund and adopt dogs out to new homes.

If you’ve been looking to adopt a four-legged friend, Dog Days of Summer is the perfect opportunity.

Copper’s Dream, a local dog rescue organization, is hosting a BBQ and adoption event called Dog Days of Summer on Saturday at 12 p.m.

At noon foster parents, potential adopters and dog lovers will come together at to support Copper’s Dream and the end of euthanasia. The catered BBQ lunch (wine and beer included) costs $20 with proceeds going to the emergency veterinary fund.

Jennifer Wang, founder of Copper's Dream, said that they are raising money for the emergency veterinary fund because more dogs have recently needed medical attention. Cosmo, a dog that had yet to be adopted out, required treatment costing about $1,000.

“We’ve had a lot of dogs fall seriously ill this summer,” said Wang. “We wanted to hold a fundraiser to ensure that dogs could receive medical care that they need in the future.”

Whole Foods is partnering with Copper’s Dream for their shared support of the cause. Wang said that when the marketing coordinator heard about Copper’s Dream, her heart poured out for the dogs that aren’t saved from going through euthanasia.

Wang said, “The Whole Foods community is very aware of animal welfare and environmental issues.”

While listening to music by Soy Sauce Control, people will have the opportunity to play with the 12 to 15 dogs that are up for adoption.

Dogs find new homes at adoption events and are adopted out privately from the foster homes. Dog Days of Summer is one of the many upcoming opportunities to adopt a dog in Sunnyvale, Campbell and Palo Alto.

The goal of Copper’s Dream is to end euthanasia of dogs and cats that are put up for adoption by raising public awareness, legally standing up for shelter animals, rescuing dogs and cats schedules for euthanasia and finding homes for dogs and cats.

Copper’s Dream was started by Wang to end the overuse of euthanasia in situations when it isn’t helping to relieve a painful death.

The lunch will be served from 12 to 2 p.m. and dogs will be up for adoption until 3 p.m. Tickets may be purchased online and picked up at the event. 


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