Summer Reading List for Techies and Entreprenuers

Every week Startup Digest shares a favorite book list. We thought you might be interested too.

Startup Digest is a resource for people interested in technology startups, how they work and how to get one started.

Once a week they send out a list of their favorite books. Here it is:

Make your users do the work By Nir Eyal
With commitment the the law that design should always decrease the amount of effort users expend doesn’t always hold true.

Unrequited Love By Steve Blank
Before any big partnership or business development deal make sure both sides want the deal to actually happen.

Everything you ever wanted to know about building a secure password reset feature By Troy Hunt
Password resets are a key weak point in most security systems, but are generally not given much development time compared to mission critical features. Don't shortchange your users with poor security.

No, you don’t need a real-time data dashboard By Mike Greenfield
Don't build things for vanities sake

Technology First, Needs Last By Don Norman
Is necessity as important as many people emphasize? Do all products need to solve a problem? Don Norman offers insight on how where uses come from.

If You Don’t Think You Need It, You Haven’t Seen Greatness By Joe Kraus
All roles at a business (marketing, engineering, sales, design, etc) are valuable dependent on talent and timing.

Step by step from jQuery to Backbone By Kim Joar Bekkelund
A quick and dirty introduction to Backbone from the most common experience most devs have with javascript: jQuery.

Why Do Startups Do This? By Owen Winkler
Link to your own site in all your online pages, posts, and material.

But You Did Not Persuade Me By Jeff Atwood
If you ever want to effect change, in your work, in your life, you must learn to persuade others.

Overfocus on tech skills could exclude the best candidates for jobs By Mike Loukides
Hiring isn’t about finding the perfect applicant: it’s about what happens after the new employee shows up.

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