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Good Samaritan United Methodist Church
19624 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Founded in 1960 as Episcopal United Brethren, since 1968 this church has been known as United Methodist Church.More It has a growing, multicultural congregation which is very community oriented. Regular Sunday worship is offered in three different formats:  traditional, contemporary and in the Mandarin language. The church has devoted its mission to faith-development and fellowship-building through groups, music, special events and community outreach. ESL classes and Mandarin classes are available.

The Good Samaritan Preschool is a vital part of the church's ministry and provides children, aged two to five, with hands-on developmental and age-appropriate programs. It aims to offer children the positive experiences and opportunities that excelerate learning and growth. Infant care is also available, full or part time. Daily, age-specific programs are part of the church's summer time programming.