Charity De Leon
I’m a thirty something stay at home mother raising seven children. Six are my biological children and one is my niece. I have and older brother and two younger sisters. Married to my other half and have been together for over half my life. I was born in Miami, FL, raised by my grandparents who are originally from Cuba. I am fluent in spanish and very proud of my heritage. Before I was a stay at home mom I worked as an administrative assistant at an engineering firm, I loved it! I also worked in retail for over ten years. I aspire to one day own my own bakery, maybe when the kids are all grown up I will have the extra time for it. I’m a crafty person I enjoy cooking, baking, cake decorating, making jewelry, dancing, scrap booking, reading and whatever else I can get myself into. I’m not a big sports fan, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to sports except when the kids are participating in them. I love to help others when I can and I try to enjoy life to the fullest because everyday that goes by is one less day I have to live. I totally believe in KARMA and I hate DRAMA.
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