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I'm the author of the books, El idioma es música, Language is Music and Travel Happy, Budget Low with information on how to learn foreign languages using music and the media and how to travel on a budget. 
The BBC, CBS, CNN,  MTV, the Filipino Channel, Yahoo Finance, Fox Business News, Univison, Telefutura, and MSNBC  have interviewed me about my books, language learning tips and world travels.  My multilingual skills and bulging passport filled with stamps from exotic places like Tajikistan and Cambodia have provided many international adventures. I have studied ten languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hungarian) and speak seven of them. (Only vestiges of Hungarian, Hebrew, and Arabic remain in my memory.) Via my trajectory through the languages I speak, the nine countries I have lived in, and the 50 nations I have visited, I have become a citizen of the world. After teaching English in Argentina, Bosnia, and the United States, I realized how to make foreign language learning fun and easy through listening exercises and music. I live in Cupertino, California. Follow me on: Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Picasa
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