To Resolve the Barbie Complex

Barbie turns 54 on March 9, learn how to resolve "the Barbie Complex"—women's insecurities about their body images.

Barbie's birthday is March 9 in case you didn't know. The 54-year-old doll still looks 24, with an unattainable figure that keeps us feeling inferior.

There are different estimates of Barbie's life-size measurements. Let me just quote CBS News: 39", 18", 33" for a Barbie standing at 5'9".  How can any of us measure up to that?

It's common for us women to just see our imperfections in the mirror. Let's call this psychological insecurity "the Barbie Complex."

To resolve the Barbie Complex, people keep asking Barbie's manufacturer, Mattel, to make Barbie look more like a real woman. The measurement changes Mattel claims to have made on Barbie never seem enough.

While I do agree with those advocates, I think transforming Barbie would only benefit future generations. We adult women are not going to grow up again with a more relatable doll. To us, the damage has been done. We need to resolve the Barbie Complex from within.

In my opinion, to resolve the Barbie Complex is not to call physical beauty "superficial" and totally dismiss it, because that probably feels forced. While not all women are obsessed with their looks, if you have a Barbie Complex, you must care about your appearance. Then forcing yourself to stop is not being true to your heart. It's not the real solution. Instead, I suggest setting realistic goals for yourself, starting from recognizing Barbie as merely an exaggerated symbol of current beauty standards, not a perfect 10.

Think of Barbie's disproportionally prominent bosom as a cartoon bee's huge eyes.  Have you ever seen a real bee with eyes of that size?

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